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by unrealmp3

Unable to comment: OpenID 2.0 for Google Accounts has gone away

Looks like you guys need to update your code, I'm unable to access my account using Google authentication.

by SmokeyTehBear

Mobile site doesn't have image article links
Why doesn't the mobile version of the site support article links in the images? On the desktop I right click (on the image) > open in new tab for all the articles I want to read first and then go back and read them all at once. I try to do the same on mobile, but get hung up because when I long press on an image > open in new tab, it opens up the image instead of the article itself (because that's the only option, and there is no link embedded). I end up having to go back and "carefully"... Read more →

by jocala

Article summary
At I'm just seeing the article headline with a picture, no summary. I'm using chrome on a Mac. I'd like to see the short summaries I'm used to seeing as I scroll the main page. How can I get it back?

by Cutie

Is there a way to block Joystiq articles?
Ever since Engadget absorbed Joystiq I've been seeing a bunch of gaming articles I couldn't care less about. I know there used to be a way for people to block Apple related articles way back when, is there something similar to block the Joystiq articles? Thanks in advance!

by vampyren

Comment section is broken!
This has been irritating me for a while and now so i thought i bring it up here since emailing engadget is like emailing a "noreply" address.
Anyway for a few months now when ever i click on the reply button in my emails to respond to a comment i made the reply link opens fine in my Firefox (always latest version) but i can not see any comments but my own! Previously i was able to take the link from Firefox and open it in Safari and it worked fine, meaning i could see the reply from someone... Read more →

by LensFlare

Videos and RSS
Hello Engadget.
I have finally found RSS readers that parse all your specifics like galleries (unfortunately just as links), gifs, webs, videos etc.
The only thing remained are videos from AOL host. Sure their preview is marked with Engadget logo but would be great to allow them to be played directly. Why even build such a roadblock when they are not:
-having some special feature
-even allowing to change quality
Is it only about generating revenue? Then remove those from official Engadget apps too,...

by rtms77

Can not see Comments in Firefox
Not sure what is going on but FF is the only browser where I can't read or see the comments posted to blog entries. The page just stops. I've tried it without any addons, with out anit virus or malware working and it still won't show up, not to meniton that it works just fine in Chrome, Safari and IE.

by Jotunhammer

what happened?
I am gone for 6 month and when I try to check up on the lastest in mmo news, on I get to this gadget site that has very little to do with mmo games at all, it is more a shop page iwht gadget here and there, what happend to the game reviews, the news from the mmo world, upcoming patches etc?

by DonGateley

Can't log in to comment
I can no longer log in with my Engadget credentials to make a comment on an article. It seems I must use a "social" account. Why?