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by dave

Problems with your Engadget Forums account? Read this!
Alright! So, we had a pretty crazy influx of spam this weekend. After digging around and doing a better job of locking down some things, we ended up banning around 2,500 user accounts that were created this weekend. Crazy, right?

Anyway, it’s quite possible that if you created an Engadget Forums account this weekend, you were innocently caught up in this ban.

So, are you having trouble logging into your Engadget forums account? Email me and I’ll take a look: dave@engadget.com

by dave

FYI: Engadget Forums are currently down
We've taken to Engadget forums down for a bit while we investigate some issues related to a high rate of spam hitting the site.

We'll update when we have more info. Thanks for your patience!

by dave

#AskEngadget: Ask your questions here!
Ask Engadget is a recurring series where you ask fellow Engadget readers your most pressing technological questions. It's time for us to put some new questions together!
Tweet us your questions using #AskEngadget or post your questions below and we'll pick a few to feature on the main page in the near future.
Some previous discussions:
  • Best sub-$500 laptop?
  • Best wireless trackball mouse?
  • Best device for the elderly?
  • How can I bring WiFi to my shed?
  • Best entry-level 3D...
Read more →

by emailrob

Comments still not working?
Not been working for me for weeks, tried different browsers.

by ScottMcJ

Engadget Mobile: why do you hate your readers using mobile devices?
Do you agree that engadget mobile is terrible, or do you disagree and think that engadget mobile works just fine for people who like searing eye pain?
I just want to read you on the bus, Engadget! Why can't you let me use the full version of the site? You know that loading pages over the cell network is incredibly slow and frustrating, WHY DO YOU REQUIRE SO MANY MORE PAGE LOADS on my phone?
Showing just the headline and picture is terrible; why can't mobile users read the front page blurbs too?...

by Aminojaku

I can see my posts, nobody else can see them
Why are none of my article comments being seen by anyone else. I can see them when I am logged in but they are not there if I check the article comments when not logged in.

by Aqua1ung

Banned from "The Verge"
Guys, something wonderful has happened, and I feel the need to share it with everybody. I have been banned from "The Verge"! It finally looks like I am doing something right! My postings have finally managed to step on some Verge moderator's toes, and I can only congratulate myself for that! There can be no better validation of the fact that I am on the right track from multiple points of view. Here's the banning message, in all its glory:
"You have... Read more →
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)

by matistry

NBA 2K15 Platform Discussion
As a faithful Playstation devotee for the past eighteen years, I find myself interested in buying the new PS4 despite my waning attention to video gaming in recent years.
However, I find myself figuratively salivating after seeing the gorgeous screen caps for NBA 2K15.
Sound Off:
1 - What do you think is the best platform for this game?
2 - Would I sacrifice too much (e.g., graphics, game play, experience, etc.) if I were to just purchase the game for PS3 which I already have?
[This was my first...